Our VW campervan is for sale in Central America

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We bought our Volkswagen Eurovan in July 2018 in Alaska and since then we have been traveling with it thorugh the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are currently on our way south through Central America. Since we are from Germany and won’t go back to the USA, we plan to sell our campervan closeby. We are flexible in which country but would prefer Nicaragua or Costa Rica. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Panama or Mexico might be also an option – it always depends on where we can find a nice buyer who loves the van as much as we do! 🙂

  • Price: 5.500 USD (negotionable) including all equipmend mentioned below. Paying in Euro would be prefered.
  • The earliest time to sell would be February/March 2019 as we are still traveling, but slightly later is ok too!
  • The US registration is good until 11/2020, which gives you plenty of time to travel through central or south america!

General Data for our Volkswagen Eurovan

  • Volkswagen Eurovan (Bulli / T4 / Transporter)
  • Built 2001 in Germany
  • Colour: Blue, original tinted windows in the back
  • We have a clean title & plate from Alaska on hand which is good until November 2020 (!). Transfering the title is very easy and we can also assist you with the registration process from outside of the US and/or we will help you with all needed documentation (Poder) to travel through central america with the van.
  • Autocheck report from July 2018 can be provided on request
Campervan Central America for sale - buy VW campervan in Central America - Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua

Here, the kitchen is inside. You can pull it outside to cook

Technical data

  • Milage will be at or slightly above 140.000 miles (=225.000km)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Good fuel efficiency: V6 engine with 204 HP (Great advantage – drives like a hotrod but still gets you to 25 MPG (~11,5 l/km)
    These engines are built for 300000+ miles (100% dry engine) !
  • The van is in a great technical condition and had a full mechanical check in Seattle at 130k miles (mechanical inspection report before repairs can be accessed here) and another mechanical check in Playa del Carmen at 138k miles.
  • The strong engine did a great job in the steep mountains of Guatemala, the transmission sometimes needed some time to cool off on hot days though
  • Cruise control (really useful for long distances!)
  • Air-Condition (awesome in the humid areas of Mexico and central america)
  • Daylight headlights
  • Electric roof window
  • Strong battery, no issues with extensive overnight use
  • Only issues which did not bother us too much (that’s why we did not repair them):
    • Some rust, dents and scratches on the exterior (it’s a 17 year old car, so what do you expect :)?)
    • Break pad and engine light will always pop up. The brake pad sensors have been installed incorrectly with the new pads and disks at 122k – however brakes are in great condition & break pads>90% according to the last mechanical check at 138k miles. It also always shows the same code P0411 which suspects a malfunction of to the secondary air pump – however as we replaced the pump with a new one at 130k miles this issue is acutally fixed. According to the mechanic it must also be a sensor issue as we drove with this code for >18k miles without issues!
    • The A/C is currently not working. The issue (detected by a mechanic) is only a faulty A/C control module which costs only about 30-40 USD but we could not get this part short term in Mexico. I have the part number on hand, if you bring it, I can build it in in 5 minutes
  • Recent repairs (receipts on hand):
    • At 122k miles: New brake discs and pads + new front tires (40k miles warrenty) + wheel alignment service
    • At 130k miles: New O2- and mass airflow- sensors, new secondary air pump, drive belt and tensioner, brake service, transmission service
    • At 134k miles: New transmission valve body and ABS unit+pump, wiring + new speakers l/r door
    • Regular oil changes (always with high quality Castrol 5w30 oil; last one at 138k)
Der Motor ist in einem super Zustand!

Picture of the engine

Convertion into a campervan

  • When we bought the van, it was a family van with 7 seats. We removed 5 seats and built a bed into the back which is quite comfy and can easily sleep 2 people. Includes mattress / bed sheets / linens / pillows.
  • Laminate flooring
  • A easy “fold-out-kitchen” in the trunk –> see video for details
  • Gas grill (incl. new 15lbs propane bottle) with two stoves
  • 2×5 gallon/20l water container
  • Kitchen supplies like pots, pan, cutlery, chopping board, etc.
  • Solar-powered camp shower to facilitate dispersed camping
  • 110V-converter to charge your laptop or other electronics, see video for details
  • Cassette-adapter to listen music from your phone, see video for details
  • 12V-USB-converter incl. voltage-control  to charge your phones etc., see video for details
  • 3 large boxes underneath the bed to store stuff (food, clothes, etc.)
  • Cooler box (non electric)
  • Two camping chairs
  • A tarp for rainy days
  • 15m electr. extension cable
  • A small library 🙂
  • A tool box incl. many spare parts/fluids
  • 2 unused spray cans of bear spray (quite useful for hikes in the northern US and Canada)
  • One spare tire (never used)
  • New warning triangle
  • Updated interior with a nice turquoise color theme
  • For nice lighting in the evening, we attached fairy lights (see video)
  • Some “cosmetic faults” from the video, e.g. B-column missing cover, have been repaired meanwhile
Campervan Central America for sale - buy VW campervan in Central America - Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua

View from our bed in the campervan

Interested in buying the campervan in Central America?

  • Price: 5.500 USD including all equipment mentioned above. Paying in Euro would be prefered.
  • This is a great van for travelling and worth every penny – therefore please only serious requests.
  • The earliest time to sell would be February/March 2019 as we are still traveling, but slightly later is ok too!

There are several ways to get in touch with us:

  • Whatsapp on +49 162 849 6520
  • Whatsapp on +1 775 291 2451
  • Send us an email to svenja(at)work-travel-balance.de
  • Leave a comment at the end of the page
  • PM on Facebook

We look forward to hearing from you!

Peter & Svenja

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